I always believed in showing my work, heres what my peers have to say.


"Jamar is a unique and genuine individual. He has various attributes he brings to all of his programs. Jamar has the ability to properly pace and get rehearsals to their projected end goal. He is great at getting the members on the same page by communicating effectively of what the game plan is, and requests verbal acknowledgement the team.
Everyone that knows Jamar, would easily describe him as a “giving” person. He’s always dedicating his time to teaching young individuals not only in the marching arts, but he teaches core life values. His passion for making a difference in the community is evident and I am honored to teach along side him."

Pauleen Yunis

Color Guard instructor at West Broward High School, The Cadets, and STRYKE Wynds

"Jamar is a great addition to any band program that wants to move and play at a high level. He comes in prepared to rehearse and is willing to be a team player with all staff and students. He is professional in his educational process and provides a positive learning environment to all he teaches. Jamar’s contagious desire to teach and perform at a high level will improve overall culture and performance mindset."

Mike Norman

Instructor at Park Vista High School and Jupiter High School

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jamar Morrison for the last three years as he has developed into an integral part of the Visual Program at the Cadets. Jamar is a natural educator, teacher and coach. Jamar’s ability to form positive relationships with his students and motivate them to work hard and achieve their potential is inspiring to watch. Of course, this asset is an essential ingredient in teaching our members to strive for a level of performance that they didn’t themselves think possible!
Jamar’s delivery of information is concise, detailed and with a clarity that allows his ensembles to make rapid progress towards their goals. I am excited to continue working with Jamar as the Cadets continue our own journey to another level of performance in this modern era of Drum Corps. I cannot speak highly enough of this young and passionate educator."

Jon Bilby

 Visual Designer at The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps 

"Jamar has been a student and instructor with me over the last 7 years at such a variety of ensembles. He’s becoming the master of the visual arts in the marching band activity through an endless work ethic and the constant pursuit of perfection. I’ve never witnessed someone grow in this activity so much from season to season as an educator, as a writer and as a facilitator of the visual caption. His choreography is always evolving and has a touch of uniqueness and freshness. And his ability to pace a rehearsal is becoming very efficient as he teaches a number of visual blocks as much as one person could within a calendar year.
A tell of a great visual guru in this industry is a person who is versed in all the circuits, and Jamar is heavily involved (and experienced) with multiple indoor marching ensembles, several fall marching bands, and a highly competitive drum and bugle corps. His experience is the epitome of what you want from a person you have working within your visual program."

Joshua Brenneis

Stryke Wynds Visual Designer
Cadets Visual Caption Manager

J.K.M.|  VISUAL | DSGNS Clients...

- Alamo Heights High School
- A&M Consol. High School
- Coral Springs High School 
- Hialeah Gardens High School
- Hutto High School
- Jenks High School
- Park Vista High School 
- McKinney High School
- STRYKE Wynds
- STRYKE Percussion
- West Broward High School
- Westwood High School